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Raid Progression

Accursed Sanctum

Accursed Custodian       
Ageless Custodian
Adherent Custodian
Subsistent Custodian
Kaasssrelik The Afflicted       
Protector of Stone
Sesria and Denani
The Legionnaires
Sacrificer Buran
Matri Marn
The Crumbling Emperor

Temple of Veeshan

Essedara and Jalkhir
Caden and Kelplin
Rarthek The Swiftclaw          
Kigara and Kelana
Derig Cinderave  
Aerakyn Commanders  
Merig, Harin and Gerid  
Jardin The Conqueror  
Andreis The Culler  
Pyre Lord and Controller  
The Consumer of Bones  

Laboratory of Lord Vyemm: Fabled     

Lord Vyemm and Alzid Prime   

Fabled Contested

Mutagenic Outcast (Fabled)   
Three Princes (Fabled)  

Contested: Vesspyr Isles

Draazak The Ancient   
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